Quick setup guide

Create a blockchain database:

  $ mkdir worker/
  $ cd worker/
  $ mkdir blockchain/
  $ sx initchain blockchain/

If you have a bitcoind bootstrap.dat (can also be downloaded off the PirateBay), then you can bootstrap a blockchain. See libbitcoin/tools/ (run 'make' and see the bootstrap tool).

Now start the Bitcoin node which will begin the blockchain download.

  $ screen -S worker
  $ obworker

Press CTRL-C and wait if you want to stop the worker.

You can see the output using 'tail -f debug.log'.

Config files are in /install-prefix/etc/obelisk/

Important: each worker needs a separate copy of the blockchain database. Multiple workers cannot both use a blockchain database at the same time. Stop the worker, copy the blockchain directory to your other worker and restart obworker.

Running multiple workers is good for redundancy in case one crashes or has problems.

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