Run the sx install script under your user (non-root).

  $ wget
  $ bash usr/

This will install all the required tools in ./usr/

Quick setup guide

Create a blockchain database:

  $ mkdir worker/
  $ cd worker/
  $ mkdir blockchain/
  $ sx initchain blockchain/

If you have a bitcoind bootstrap.dat (can also be downloaded off the PirateBay), then you can bootstrap a blockchain. See libbitcoin/tools/ (run 'make' and see the bootstrap tool).

Now start the Bitcoin node which will begin the blockchain download.

  $ screen -S worker
  $ obworker

Press CTRL-C and wait if you want to stop the worker.

You can see the output using 'tail -f debug.log error.log'

Config files are in INSTALL_PREFIX/etc/obelisk/

Important: each worker needs a separate copy of the blockchain database. Multiple workers cannot both use a blockchain database at the same time. Stop the worker, copy the blockchain directory to your other worker and restart obworker.

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